Ponemah Mills Engine 1386 never got this much TLC in her working lifetime.

Now that she is retired she especially enjoys the seasonal makeover... (she told us so)









Next open dates: Fri. Dec. 4th, Sat. 5th and Sun. 6th @ 5pm - 9pm


Every bulb, every lite-string, every display will be lit and beckoning you to stop by and celebrate these magical days with us. Bring your family, your friends, your neighbors and get into that special zone that only the Holiday Season can induce - before the shopping gets burdensome and frantic, before the snow flies and before the bitter cold settles in for the duration. It just might set the tone for you and get you digging in the attic for your decorations and Charlie Brown Trees. Come on down and join in on the fun. We will - quite literally - leave the lights on for you...









We had such an unpredicted and inspiring response to our Pumpkin Patch photo

contest that we have decided to replicate it for our season ending WinterFest event!

Get the full particulars here



Having your Birthday celebrations with us this WinterFest?

Check for availability and reserve your WinterFest Birthday Date



  2015 Video-Contest winner!


A great video - up close and personal - if interested in the basic handling of a streetcar.

Become a Motorman or give the unique gift of a "Guest Motorman Certificate" to a

family member or BFF that is difficult to buy for - they'll never forget it or you ;-)



 We have the best looking Santa this side of the Missouri Flats...


The Visitor Center hosts trains, trains and more trains - they run continously during WinterFest until PMI's need to be scheduled and we try to do that during the week...


 Anyone have  a "binky" to lend this little guy for the duration...





 tap-targets for mobile-phone users



 Always time to take a break. How about some popcorn and a hot chocolate. We make

the very best fresh popcorn and all for a very nominal price... try some!



Lots of photos being taken - don't forget our "WinterFest Photo Contest"


 The decorating for WinterFest has begun in full force...

"if it doesn't move - light it - if it does move - light it also..." so sayeth our Captain


A handsome pair - heading for the barn after a long day...



Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno...




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