58 North Road, East Windsor, CT

1929 Ahrens-Fox, Model MX4X Pumper

  • Builder: Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine Company
  • Year: 1929
  • Service: Auburn, Maine - 1929-1965
  • Acquired: 1972


The Aherns Fox piston pumper with it's distinctive front mounted pump and big ball shaped air chamber could be found in firehouses across the nation. Founded in 1908 in Cincinnati, OH they began building the distinctive pumper in 1914.

The truck served Auburn, ME until 1965 when it became a spare. Traded to the Farrar Company in Woodsville, MA in 1972 toward a new piece of apparatus it was purchased by the museum in 1972 with donations from the membership. Over a 10-year period this piece underwent extensive rebuilding including engine work and having a new radiator constructed. Godan Industries of New Haven, CT reproduced an exact duplicate of the original 1929 radiator at its Windsor, CT plant in 1995.

Fully operational today, this apparatus has never had a windshield, doors or any other protection for the firefighters in the finest of the old traditions of the fire service.

Aherns Fox was purchased by Mack Trucks Inc. in 1956 and ceased production of fire apparatus, however the manufacture of piston pumps ceased in 1952 due to the high costs of producing these pumps plus the more practical centrifugal pump. While no one disputed the efficiency of the piston pump, it has simply become prohibitively too expensive to manufacture.


Aherns Fox 6 cyl
3 speed manual
900 GPM piston pump
90 gallon
12 foot roof
24 foot extension
1,200 feet 2 1/2 inch

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