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DING DING! Have you always wanted to get behind the controllers and operate a Trolley? Connecticut Trolley Museum is in the process of recruiting new volunteer Motorman/Motorwoman. Training will start April 10th. No previous experience is required. The session will cover the mechanical aspects of trolley car operations and railway rules. We do ask if you complete the course that you can commit to volunteering at least twice a month during the operational season. The course fee is $100 which includes your one year membership, all printed training materials, name tag, and upon final graduation your brass hat badge badge. You will also join our all-volunteer staff who keep the Museum rolling along for the enjoyment of visitors.
To sign up, email the office or call the museum office to sign-up at 860-627-6540

The Connecticut Trolley Museum has many volunteer opportunities for anyone interested in lending a helping hand. We have opportunities available in our railway operations, restoration shop, landscaping, event planning, and many more areas! Complete the volunteer application so we can learn about you and your interests and what might be a good fit for you at the Trolley Museum.

Volunteer Roles

Much of the work at the Trolley Museum is performed by a dedicated team of volunteers. While there's plenty of work that we can match to you, here are some of the defined roles available.

Job Title Position Type Department Posted Closing
Motorman Part-Time, Regular Railway Operations 2/20/2022 Continuous
Conductor Part-Time, Regular Railway Operations 2/20/2022 Continuous
Museum Docent Part-Time, Regular Railway Operations 2/20/2022 Continuous
Track Maintainer Part-Time, Regular Maintenance of Way - Track 2/20/2022 Continuous
Car Shop Technician Part-Time, Regular Car Shop 2/20/2022 Continuous
Signal Maintainer Part-Time, Regular Maintenance of Way - SC&ET 2/20/2022 Continuous
Our volunteer motormen bring you on a journey to yesteryear

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