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The Museum has ambitious plans for 2024. The goal for this year is to raise at least $115,000 to support the operating budget. This, combined with income from general and special event admissions, membership dues, facility rentals and gift shop sales, will pay for the upkeep of the Museum's physical plant, trolley maintenance and repair and the many other ongoing costs needed to keep the Museum running smoothly.

We are also seeking additional funding from individual sponsors, area businesses and foundations to support a number of special projects. These include:

  • The final costs of the multi-year restoration work on Connecticut Company trolley car 3001 which we will have up and running by year's end.
  • The introduction and initial costs of a formal docent program for the benefit of our visitors.
  • New radio/communications equipment to support our trolley operations.
  • Rehabilitating the service pit in our restoration barn.
  • Replacing the stairs and platform part-way down the trolley line where visitors can step off to access the open field used for our annual pumpkin patch activity and other programs.
  • Replacing the roof on Kelly Barn where our operating trolleys are parked when not running
  • Repurposing the auditorium in the Visitor Center by removing the theater seats and levelling the floor to create an open area to be used for special activities for visitors, educational programs, business meetings and social events.

The costs of these projects range from $4,000 to $100,000. Please contact the Museum's Development Chair, Michael P. Speciale, if you have questions about these projects or if you have an interest in supporting them.

And finally we are pleased to inform you that substantial mechanical and electrical repairs have been made - along with a new roof - on one of our star operating trolleys, Springfield Electric Railway Car 16; that our energy conservation upgrades continue with a new heating and cooling system in the Visitor Center office area; and that thanks to a substantial Federal grant the design and permitting work for a new drainage system and paved public parking lot is underway with construction to follow soon afterward.

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General Fund Donations

With your support of the Connecticut Trolley Museum, your tax-deductible contributions allow the Connecticut Trolley Museum to work on various trolley restorations, hold special events such as Rails to the Darkside, Pumpkin Patch, and Winterfest, and provide educational programs both for the visiting public and area schoolchildren. The Connecticut Electric Railway Association, Inc. (owner/operator of the Connecticut Trolley Museum) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit educational institution and donations are tax deductible.

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Special Project - Connecticut Company #3001

Connecticut Company 3001 Restoration Project

Connecticut Company #3001

The Connecticut Trolley Museum is engaged with its second major capital project, the restoration of Connecticut Company Car 3001, having just completed the restoration of the historic 1913 Isle of Safety waiting station and shelter which is situated at the entrance to the Museum where visitors board the trolley cars.

Connecticut Company Car 3001 is the Museum's most thorough restoration project. The car has been taken down to the frame, for the steel frame and siding to be repaired. A new floor, roof and wooden ends will be installed, and all interior woodwork, seating, windows, and doors will be restored. The electrical and air systems will be thoroughly reconditioned. The trucks will be taken out to be sand blasted and be gone through along with motor work as required.

#3001 History and Restoration Progress

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Shop online with over 2,000 retailers through iGive.com, the iGive app, or installing the iGive browser extension. iGive is a rebate program (how it works), where a percentage of your order comes to the Connecticut Trolley Museum as a donation.

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Corporate Giving

Employers may request our Employer Identification Number (EIN) to confirm our status as a 501(c)(3) organization. The EIN for the Connecticut Electric Railway Association, Inc. is 06-6070002.

Donation Match

Many businesses have community programs that will match any charitable donations made by their employees. These match programs bring double rewards to the Connecticut Trolley Museum as your $100 donation would turn into a $200 donation to the museum. Check with your employer and follow any instructions they may have on making a donation to qualify for a match.

Employer Donation

If you volunteer regularly at the Connecticut Trolley Museum, your employer may have a community program where it will make a donation to the trolley museum on your behalf. Check with your employer about their giving program.

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