58 North Road, East Windsor, CT

1930 Maxim, Model B10 Hosewagon

  • Builder: Maxim Motor Company
  • Year: 1930
  • Service: Guilford & Chadfinch Island Fire Department, Guilford, Connecticut - 1930-1942
  • Service: Meriden, Connecticut - 1942-1946
  • Service: North Farms Volunteer Fire Department, Wallingford, Connecticut - 1946-1952
  • Service: Torrington, Connecticut - 1952-1967
  • Acquired: 1968


Originally built as a 1929 demonstration 1,000 GPM pumper, it was sold to the Guilford & Chadfinch Island Fire Departmet, a private department for a 24 acre island shipyard owned by Francis Ingles in Guilford, CT. The truck served as the primary fire protection until 1936 when it was returned to the Maxim plant in Middleborough, MA to have the pump removed and placed in new 1936 maxim Ingles had purchased. The 1930 was then rebuilt into a hose wagon with a small 50 GPM booster pump. Numerous articles appeard in the 1930's about the "One man fire department" that Ingles operated. On occasion GCIFD would assist the regular Giulford Fire Department on large fires.

With restrictons brouhgt on by WWII Ingles sold the vehicles in 1942 to the Meriden Fire Department. The 1936 Maxim served the city until 1978 at which time the museum purchased the truck ar auction. In 1981 this was one of the three turcks destroyed in the Granby, CT fire. The 1930 was never used by Meriden although thyey did replace the original Buda engine with a Chrysler Industrial engine in the 1940's.

In 1946 Meriden sold the 1930 Maxim to the newly formed North Farms Fire Department in Wallingford, CT. The truck was kept in a barn until the department was able to build a Quonset hut building in 1947. In 1952 the Maxim was replaced by a new GMC pumper and was later sold to the Drakeville Volunteer Fire Department in Torrington where it served until it was retired after being replaced by a 1967 American LaFrance Pioneer.

The museum purchased this piece in 1968; this was the vehicle that stated what was to become the Connecticut Fire Museum.


Buda 1930-1942
Chrysler approx. 1942-curr
5 speed manual
1,000 GPM 1930-1936
50 GPM 1936-curr
90 Gallon
14 foot roof
28 foot extension
1,500 feet 2 1/2 inch

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