58 North Road, East Windsor, CT

1937 Ahrens-Fox, Model ER Pumper

  • Builder: Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine Company
  • Year: 1937
  • Service: Stafford Springs, Connecticut - 1937-1996
  • Acquired: 1996


Built by Aherns-Fox in Cincinnati, OH for the borough of Stafford Springs, CT. This Pumper is typical of the styling changes Aherns-Fox introduced in the 1930's. Originally powered by a Hercules RXLD engine with a Hale 750 GPM pump. In 2022 the Hercules engine was replaces with a Chevy 6 cylinder engine to make the truck more reliable and road worthy.

These engines were prompted by Aherns-Fox to small communities who needed quality fire engines with a limited budget.

This engine served Stafford Springs Fire Department until replaced by a new engine in the 1970's. After it was retired from active service, it was used as their antique parade engine until the department was disbanded in 1996. It was then donated to the Connecticut Fire Museum by the Stafford Historical Society.


1937-2022 Hercules RXLD
2022 curr Chevy
4 speed manual
750 GPM rotary gear Hale
100 Gallon
24 ft extension
1,500 2 1/2 inch

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