58 North Road, East Windsor, CT

Brooklyn Rapid Transit Co. 169

  • Builder: St. Louis Car Co.
  • Year: 1894
  • Operator: Brooklyn Rapid Transit Co.
  • City: Brooklyn, New York
  • Retired: 1951
  • Acquired: 1951


By William E. Wood, April 2001

Car #169 is a 28 foot closed wooden, four-wheel trolley riding on a Dupont truck with two Westinghouse 68 motors, two K11 controllers, with a single pole.

Built in 1894 by the St. Louis Car Company for the Nassau Electric Railroad of Brooklyn, New York, #169 originally had open platforms and plush side seating. When the Nassau Electric Railroad became part of the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company in 1898, the open platforms were partially enclosed with dashers, windows, and side gates. As a second life, the car was converted to work service and was renumbered #83.

It came to the museum in August 1951 and is the oldest car in our collection.

Restoration Notes

The car received some work in the 1950s when the Trolley Museum repainted the car into Brooklyn colors and numbered back to #169.

A comprehensive restoration of #169 started in 2017. Commentary and updates on its restoration can be followed in the Lusa Car Shop Blog.


Length: 28 feet
Trucks: 1 - Dupont
Controls: 2 - K11
Motors: 2 - Westinghouse 68
Brakes: Mechanical
Compressor: None

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