58 North Road, East Windsor, CT

New Orleans Public Service, Inc. 836

New Orleans Public Service, Inc. 836
  • Builder: Perley A. Thomas Car Co.
  • Year: 1922
  • Operator: New Orleans Public Service, Inc.
  • City: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Retired: 1964
  • Acquired: 1964


By William E. Wood, November 2001

Car #836 was part of an order in 1922 to Perley Thomas of High Point, North Carolina (Cars No. 832-851). To seat 32, the cars had steel under-frames, bolsters, #12 gauge side panels, "T" iron and wood side posts; wood vestibule posts and manual operated wood doors. Crouse-Hinds type ZP headlights and Form 1 Ohio Brass Co. trolley bases. Trucks are Brill 76-E2 with 33" diameter wheels. One Westinghouse 360 C.V.4 (65 hp) motor in each truck. Car weight is 41,148 lbs. Compressor GE CP-27 supplying air to GE type "S" brake valves, and a 10" x 12" cylinder, with one 16" X 60" reservoir. The life guard is type H.B. and the fare register is an International R-5. The wooden seats are by Hale & Killburn # 300 and signs are by Hunter.

Car #836 service in New Orleans included operating on the Prytania, Magazine, Freret, Claiborne, Jackson, Cemetaries Canel, Tulane, St. Charles, St. Claude, West End, Gentilly, and Desire Lines. Her last duty for Public Service was November 1963 to May 29, 1964 on the Canal Line. Donated by New Orleans Public Service, Inc. through the efforts of our then treasurer Donald Snelgrove, Car #836 arrived on July 22, 1964 at Windsor Locks railroad yard, and was then trucked to the museum.

At time of order and delivery (1922-1923) there was still 28.48 miles of 4'-8 1/2" standard gauge track in the city. All the 800 series cars came equipped with drilling for standard and wide gauge equipment and axles designed to allow the widening to 5'- 2 1/2". The last track change over was October 2/3 ,1929. We think, as a low number, car #836 could well have arrived in New Orleans for standard gauge and then was changed over. This was very helpful for the return to 4'-8 1/2" gauge at the museum.

With many years of service, our Desire Route car is a very great visitor pleaser.


Seats: 52
Weight: 21 tons
Length: 47 feet
Trucks: 2 - Brill 76E2
Controls: 2 - K35
Motors: 2 - Westinghouse 306V4
Brakes: Standard Air
Compressor: Westinghouse DH-16

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