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Rio de Janeiro Tramway, Light & Power 1850

Rio de Janeiro Tramway, Light & Power 1850
  • Builder: Cia de Transporte Colectivos Co.
  • Year: 1912
  • Operator: Rio de Janeiro Tramway, Light & Power
  • City: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Retired: 1965
  • Acquired: 1965


By Tim Lesniak, July 2006

Car 1850 was built in 1912 by the Cia de Transporte Colectivos Company (CTC), modeled after the St. Louis Car Company's design. The parts for the car were made in the United States, but the car was assembled in Brazil. This 13 bench open breezer car that would have pulled two trailers when it was in service in Rio de Janeiro. The first trailer would look just like Car 1850, but the second would be missing every other bench for transporting animals. If a passeger wanted to ride in the animal car, they could do so at a reduced fare.

In 1965, 1850 was sold to the museum and was shipped to the United States on a coffee barge along with car 1887.


Seats: 65
Trucks: 2
Controls: 2
Motors: 4
Brakes: Standard Air
Compressor: Westinghouse DH-16


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Connecticut Trolley Museum