58 North Road, East Windsor, CT

York Utilities Co. 72

  • Builder: American Car Co.
  • Year: 1919
  • Operator: York Utilities Co.
  • City: Sanford, Maine
  • Retired: 1935
  • Acquired: 1984


By William E. Wood, January 2002

Built in 1919 by the American Car Company for the Laconia Street Railway as its #21 of Laconia New Hampshire, this car is a representative of the single truck Birney safety car design.

In 1924, the Laconia Street Railway Company went out of business and #21 was picked up by a used streetcar dealer. The two cars were eventually purchased by the York Utilities Company of Sanford, Maine in 1925. The York Utilities renumbered the car to 72 and it was in use until the mid 1930s. At that time the electrical and mechanical equipment of he car was scrapped and it was sold as a shed. The trolley museum acquired the body of #72 in 1984 with the hope of restoring it one day to provide rides on the museum's railway.


Seats: 32
Length: 26 feet
Trucks: 1 - Brill 79E1
Controls: 2 - Unknown
Motors: 2 - Unknown
Brakes: Standard Air

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